Staying at home has become the order of the day, but luckily, we have tech products that make that bearable.

One of them, and the most important, is that you have a reliable computer and a good Wi-fi system. You may be aghast that this is even mentioned, as it should be a given, but sadly that’s not the case.

Many people have a computer that’s hanging on for dear life and your Wi-fi system keeps cutting out. This does not make for easy and good staying at home.

Have your computer fixed, pronto, and if the repairs are excessive, get a new one. It’s worth it. You will be spending your life on it. As for the Wi-fi, change your ISP. There are plenty to choose from. Ask around to find out which is the most reliable and value for money.

Get a good camera and microphone set-up. This is specifically for desktop users. If you’re going to be making a lot of zoom calls (who isn’t?) for business purposes, this is a must. There’s nothing more off-putting than having you look like the swamp monster and sound like you’re on Mars.

“Mini studio”

Seek online help on how to set up a “mini studio” with proper lighting and mikes that actually work. Spend a little more on this effort, especially when business needs must be met.

Enjoy video games! If you’ve never played them before, you are in for a real treat. You can take a break from your work and lose yourself playing war games or getting on racetracks. You could even be crowned champion.

Have tech products such as cold/hot sensors that make your home the best place to be. They can heat up your bedroom 30 minutes before you decide to call it a day in your study while ensuring the rest of your home is in “comfortable” mode.

The video doorbell is another great tech product. It allows you to see who is at the door and have fingertip ability at your desk to open the door or not. You can also hold a conversation without leaving your chair and even call 911 in case of an emergency. It would pay you to have light sensors around your home and a monitor feature that is linked to your desktop and laptop. 

Are smart speakers old hat? Alexa would not be amused at that statement, and although they have been around for some time, they still come in handy. Get instantaneous answers to all sorts of things, like your diary for the day, breaking news and some 60s music to take you back to the good old days. Ensure Alexa is linked to your devices so that any of your daily “musts” can be fed to you on the spot.

Smart vacuum cleaner and TiVo

How about getting a smart vacuum cleaner? That will make your home life a lot easier. This neat little wonder just goes on to clean the home all by itself without you having to do anything.

Many have foregone the use of TVs and prefer to watch in bed on a laptop. We’re talking about the younger generation mainly. But for other folks, especially the ones with families, a big screen TV is still a must. The latest range of TVs come equipped with a host of plug-in and plug-out features that make TV watching a dream.

Get the latest TiVo, and make sure you record all the latest stuff. These days, there are so many new TV channels, most streaming services, for which you will need a high-speed Internet connection. You can connect via your tablet, laptop, or smartphone to your TV set and have hundreds of channels at your command.

Most of the streaming services come as “bundles” with several channels, and the good old favorites ABC, NBC, CBS, and CW.